Dwayne has a problem with alcohol. He made a serious commitment to follow Christ and attend church. According to him , he saw his brother die at 5 years old and his son was murdered  5 years ago and he had to turn off the life support system . Unimaginable for any father . Then his wife died 3 years ago,  He is struggling to get a balance , so he asked his mother to look after his other children. 
Alex and Alex two friends from the UK stopped for ministry and to receive the Word.
Jayden a nice young guy ,  touched by God.
Daniel a street person received ministry and his Friend who was with him Andrew told me I prayed for him a couple of weeks ago and "amazing "things are happening in his life.
Mel a cool young lady , eagerly listened and received the Word.
Suresh from Nepal received the Lord joyfully , and also his wife Nero. She told me even in Nepal Suresh loved to go to Church and here in Australia as well, but had not as yet asked the Lord into his heart.