Friends , the next miracle in the Bible was Genesis 1:3
           Then God said , "let there be light ", and there was light.
I often wondered how there could be light before the stars were created.
As I do a bit of study about astrophysics one day I was reading casually about the creation of the universe and was amazed that Physicists have discovered that photons ( particles that contain light . They come from the sun to earth , electricity can create them ie torch's.. That's were e get photography ) were created at the beginning of the Big bang along with hydrogen atoms , so science have proved Genesis to be right , light was created first.
Again we see the manifold wisdom of God coupled with His miracle working power.
Sometimes our lives can be in the dark and seem overwhelming yet in the midst of it, GOD CREATES LIGHT  in the situation before the natural sequence of events align, that's a miracle , setting aside the natural flow of events he moves supernaturally.
Many of you sent in amazing testimonies and I will publish them.
Sharlene sent in one that was so cool, 
     Some of her mothers friends who meet to study the Word were unable to get toilet paper , a common problem in Australia at moment (although I have a good stock)
 There was none in their area, they only had one roll. The next morning she looked and there was three rolls. The next day there was five. Praise God.
We are going to see this happen a lot in the future .
God bless