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Heaven Part 1 – I see Eternity

I was 22 years of age living in New Delhi India, attending the “Good Samaritan Fellowship ” in the suburb of Janak Puri. Glady Raj was the Pastor.

As we were worshipping I saw visions of heaven and fell into a trance. It was only when I was back that I realised I had either in the body or out of the body, I know not, been taken to heaven, and saw God.

At first I was standing in a field of the most amazing green grass for as far as the eye can see. The sky was a brilliant blue.

It was like any beautiful field on earth only there were two differences. The first, there was no sun in the sky. It seemed the glory of God lit up everything. The second, there was no horizon. The sky and the grass never touched.

Always on earth we see a horizon, even when in a plane, at sea, or anywhere. The effect of there being no horizon had a powerful effect on me as I gazed into eternity.

I felt God gave me the interpretation: We as Christians are referred to as sheep. He was saying to me that He was going to provide for me for eternity, (the grass and clear blue sky). If you asked a sheep what would heaven look like, it would say grass for ever and clear blue sky.

I interpreted the clear blue sky to mean He would be the light of my life for eternity.

I felt the Lord also say to me, as I gazed at the grass and the sky never meeting, “My kingdom will reign forever and ever. There will be no end. Not only have you eternal life because you have received me into your heart, but you can accomplish anything for me on earth. You will have no limitations as you will have the eternal life.”

Heaven Part 2 – I see God

Next I was standing in a huge auditorium. There were countless people there, millions. I was in a stall like you can imagine at an opera. I was gazing out over this vast multitude who were singing, worshipping and praising God.

I saw God and looked up at Him on a 45 degree angle even though I was a considerable distance away. As I write this it is almost impossible to put into words the sight that I saw, similar to writing about a new colour, but I will do my best to explain what I saw and what He looked like.

I had never seen anybody worshipped before. The sight was awe inspiring. God was enjoying being worshipped and praised. He was agreeing with everything this vast array of mankind was saying. He was receiving “all the glory” and I could see he was not willing to share it with anyone.

I perceived Him as a mighty warrior King, who had had countless victories over his foes. I sensed that I should stay on His good side at all cost. I needed Him. He did not really need me. He was the source of Life for everything – mankind, plants, the animal world, everything.

To say that I was terrified of Him would be an understatement. It was not a terror like you can imagine with a horror movie, or that he would harm me. It was just a holy terror, that he held my life in the palm of His hand. It was terror.

We as modern society with a democratically elected government struggle to a understand what the role of a “King” is. In ancient times Kings ruled by instilling fear in the their enemies and subjects, like when Esther went in before the King. If she did not hold out the Royal Scepter she would have died.

I think it would be the same feeling people had when they stood before Nebucanezar, Caesar, Pharaoh, Alexander the Great, or Genghis Khan – a healthy, reverential fear and respect about their position.

I felt one of the reasons I saw this was to always give God the glory in my life. He does not like to share it with anyone and God loves our praise and worship.

Heaven Part 3 – Our Inheritance

As I gazed up at God I was, (as I mentioned before) in a stall. If you could imagine being at an opera, I was able to look down on the throng of worshipers and gaze up at the face and being of God.

As I looked at the face of God I was aware from my standing that I was looking up at Him at a 45 degree angle.

I was a long way from the throne, maybe a number of kilometers. You can imagine His size given the distance and the angle of 45 degrees. The auditorium contained multiple millions of worshipers.

The number 45 in the Bible is symbolic of “inheritance”. Through Jesus’s death, burial and resurrection, we as Christians have an inheritance . We have freedom from sin, sickness and disease as part of that inheritance because Jesus bore these on the cross of Calvary.

Probably our greatest inheritance though, is that we have obtained the righteousness of God by faith. We can stand in the presence of God looking up at Him by faith, saying “Abba Father”.

Our full inheritance will come when our bodies die, when we stand in heaven gazing up at Him at a 45 degree angle marveling at His beauty and grace. We will then thank and praise Him forever and ever, and ever.

Heaven Part 4 – On His Right Side

As I described before, I was in a stall, gazing at the face of God.

I was not standing directly in front of God. I was on His right hand side. Although, I could see His face and His characteristics clearly as He moved from side to side enjoying the praise and worship being bestowed on Him by the multitude of believers.

To be at “the right hand side” is a special place of honour.

The Bible in The New Testament says this about the day of Judgment in Mathew 25.33 , “All the nations will be gathered before Him, and he will separate the sheep from the goats. He will place the sheep on His right hand and the goats on his left. Then the king will say to those on His right hand “come , you who are blessed by my Father, inherit the kingdom prepared for you from the foundation of the world…”

We as believers are on God’s right side. That is we are blessed, and by His right hand of power.

Heaven Part 5 – Faith

As mentioned, I was standing in a stall in a large open auditorium worshiping God in heaven. The next characteristic I noticed about God was that I saw He had never doubted. He could only think in terms of faith. He had never worried .

Everything is going according to His plan. He had absolute power and could believe for anything. He had created the stars, the universe, our solar system and life on earth. Nothing was impossible for Him.

I was challenged that we as Christians should ” think like God”. Doubt and unbelief are sins. These go against the very nature of God who is “all believing”.

Especially in times of crisis. I recall this vision may times in my life. Times when “my back has been against the wall”. By believing God for a “miracle” I have seen God turn situations around to bring peace, healing and deliverance to me and many others.

We as Christians have a choice , to believe or not believe.

Heaven Part 6 – I see Jesus

As I was looking at God I saw a figure appear on the right hand side of God. He was the most beautiful person I had ever seen. He was in God . I realised it was Jesus.

The Bible says the Father and the Son are “one” and that Jesus is at “God’s right hand”.

The Father seemed to disappear and all I could see now was this beautiful, amazing, serene figure. I could see that he was radiating love for the Father.

I could see that at one time He had been separated from the Father (on the cross) and was now back with Him. I could see that he was basking in the love of the Father. His heart was on his Father and they were one.

As I gazed at Jesus in wonderment at his beauty, His love embraced me and I could hardly breathe. His love engulfed me and momentarily I could not see anything, such was the intensity of that Divine love. I knew He loved me beyond limitations . There was no limit to His love for me. It was all consuming and I cherish that moment even now.

When I was able to see again, I saw all the believers of Jesus around the throne as before. I knew that He loved them all the same. He loved none more than others. I felt the lesson I learnt was that Jesus has no partiality with his love for us.

I also understood that if ever I was in a group that said, “we are the only ones that God really loves and only we know the Lord” then I would have entered a cult. Jesus loves all the denominations and believers the same.

God planted in my heart a great love for His Body . I have fellowshipped with most denominations.

Heaven Part 7 – I see the Martyrs

Next I felt to look before the throne of God and saw a large group of an innumerable amount of people. They were directly before the throne.

This group was tiny though standing before the throne, even though there were probably millions there.

Occasionally one of them would raise their hand and say, “Thank you Father for how you have looked after me “. ( I could actually see that individual person.)

Even though God was being worshipped by millions upon millions of people in this huge like auditorium, He would stop and lean over and see this person and say, “That’s right I have looked after you and will continue to do so”.

Then another person would say, “You have done so much for me , thank you.”

Again God would stop , bend over and look at that one and reply, “That is true , and I will continue doing so.”

Their thankfulness seemed to touch the very heart of God and stir his emotions.

I felt that the Lord said to me, “Do you know who these ones are?’

I replied that I did not.

He said, “These are the Old and New Testament martyrs. These ones are before the throne of God day and night . He has wiped away every tear from their eyes and they sorrow no longer.”

“Did you see how thankful they are ?”

I replied, “Yes.”

He communicated with me that it was their thankfulness that got them through their tremendous trials, that thankfulness was a tremendous key for living a successful Christian life and this pleased the heart of God greatly.

God gave me a thankful heart.

Heaven Part 8a – The song of the redeemed

As I stood gazing at the face of God I noticed a beautiful wind flowing around the throne of God. Wherever the wind went it kind of danced and when it came upon the saints they burst into praise and worship to God.

Sometimes it would sweep through heaven, at other times it would remain on the saints for some time. The sound was the most beautiful you could imagine.

It was the “mother of all music” and I felt many of the great musicians of the world strove to imitate that song. This is the song of the redeemed people of God. Those who have received Jesus’s forgiveness and been reborn through faith in his death, burial and resurrection. It is the Holy Spirit moving through their lives as they live godly lives in honour of God. It is a beautiful sound.

Suddenly the wind moved through heaven and it came upon me. I began to sing the song of the redeemed. It was in another language and I sung it with all my might, as if I had known it all my life. I sung it in a baritone voice with great enthusiasm.

Heaven Part 8b – The song of the redeemed – my future wife Sandra

I stood worshiping God for quite a while . Then suddenly a lady next to me started singing. She sang in a beautiful soprano voice and got notes I could not get. I sung in the baritone and like wise got notes she could not sing and yet when blended together our voices mingled and created something quite beautiful.

We sang together for a long long time and complimented each other.

Then the wind passed on from me and I became silent. I just watched God and listened to Sandra singing by herself for a long time, then the wind moved form her and she became silent and together we just stared at God in awe and love.

I felt the Lord interpreted it to me that I had come to him first and that He had a wife for me. She would do things I could not do and I would do things she could not do and our lives would compliment each other. I understood that after a long life together that I would be the first to die and come to Him and that Sandra would live a long time by herself and that I should be aware of that and she should have enough financial provision to prepare for that stage of her life without me.

About one and a half years later the Lord told me to return to Christchurch, New Zealand. I did so with financial help from others as I lived by faith in India and Nepal as an evangelist after this vision.

When I returned I felt to go to the cashmere New Life Centre Church at the evening service. When I went in I sat next to a beautiful young lady. We got on well and she was there with a relative and was interested in Christianity. After the service I gave her my number and said if ever she needed help in the city to ring me. She rang me on the Wednesday and asked if I wanted to go out and we did. When I arrived to take her out she looked like a Miss World contestant. We were complete opposites and yet in some ways similar. I had grown up in an inner city suburb and experienced that lifestyle where as Sandra came from a farm in the South Island. We became friends and through my encouragement she became a Christian. The Lord told me she was the women in the vision and we would marry. We eventually became best friends, fell in love and after four years married. Sandra has been a true gift from God to me and there is no doubt I could not have accomplished as much as I have done for the cause of Christ without her support. She is a great wife, mother to our four children and blessing to many. Plus she is a very beautiful women.

After my visitation to heaven I was suddenly back in Church and the man next to where I was seated, fell over, got up and was healed of a serious heart condition.