That's right. Gina lives in our building and yesterday in the lift confided in me about her life. She came to the Lord powerfully and came to church today with Sandra and I.
Your prayers are sought on behalf of these ones. Thanks .
Sean in the picture , seriously touched by God and I prophesied he would go to Africa. He confirmed he was going at the end of the year.
Wayne and Luca.
Mohammad , Liberia.
Sue came back to the Lord and her husband.
Bardol receives the Lord. She is from Nepal and was with her Christian friend Leisha from Nepal. She was blessed as I told her about hoe I prayed in tongues in just about every street in Kathmandu and ministered in "Freak Street " circa 1981.
Vishnu and Pampran. Nepal.
Matt from Manchester , initially resisted the call.
Gavin, nice cool young guy.
Cassandra, homeless received the Lord and the prophetic Word.
Pishtar, Nepal.
Alfie came back to the lord , from Cook islands.
Diego, Colombia.
Marcia, Argentina.
Keni, about to go to the pub and get "legless" as a huge storm was happening in his mind. After prayer going home to seek the Lord in peace.
Darcy, Ipswich.
Himal, Nepal.
Deepa, Nepal.
Dave, Spain.
Randeep, Punjab
Shane, Sydney.
God bless