vs 9 "Let dry land appear, ; and it was so . Then God created the seas vs 11 Then God said, " Let the earth sprout vegetation, plants yielding seeds, and fruit trees on the earth bearing fruit after their kind with SEED and it was so.in them. Then all the plants and trees yielded seeds after their kind as he had said.
At this time God created the concept of recreation , that life would come from life. Most of the trees and vegetation we see around us can be traced back to this day .
So do most of the traits,physical, mental and spiritual in our lives be traced by the seeds we have allowed to take route in out lives.
Some good, maybe some not so good.
As we see now the need to as the farmer sees the season approachingĀ  he plants seeds that will survive in that climate or environment.
So now is the time to planet seeds that will help and recreate in the testing time ahead, namely the concept of Gods divine supernatural ability to provide for us, which is well documented in his word that he is only to willing to do.
The traditions of man are for a time coming to and end.