That's right , Shane was overjoyed to ask the Lord into his heart . He was injured in a work accident some years ago and has had ongoing problems , seeing many specialists. Now he is in the consulting room of the ultimate specialist.
I also had the opportunity to minster to these amazing people this week due to your continued prayers for me. Thanks.
Dianne committed her life to Jesus afresh.Her husband William is in the burns unit, Brisbane Hospital after an industrial accident. Prayer please.
Samantha, nice young lady.
Jamie from the Philippines.
Shannon, punk rocker, nice guy though, a good heart.
Heather, seeking Christ.
Lachlan, a tech guy.
Marush, India.
Santos, cool guy.
Dianne , Philippines.
David, Brazil.
Shavan, Hyderabad.
EveĀ  from Poland, touched by the Almighty.
Alana , aged three. She walks with her grandfather a lot and I have ministered to him.
Hido, Colombia.
Theo, France, seeking God.
Shane, a seeker.
Sarah, pure heart.
Geof, cool.
Lara, in search of the truth.
Alice, stopped with her boyfriend and wanted prayer.