Friends let me enlighten you.
This morning about 3am the Lord visited me.
I was in a bit of a dilemma about how we are imperfect , yet God chooses to bless us and use us powerfully.
Then I saw in a vision a beautiful , amazing skin of a beautiful lamb wrapped around me. It covered me completely and was so large that even someone 7 feet tall would be covered.
The skin was the most beautiful I had ever scene .
It was like one size fits all.
Then I realized that it was Jesus the sacrificial lamb and his atonement for us that makes us acceptable before the father.
I did a bit of a study and found that when  mother sheep or goat gives birth and the baby dies that it can have its skin removed and stitched on to an orphan lamb or goat and the the ewe or mother goat will smell the baby  and accept it as her own.
God smells us and He smells His son Jesus.
The only part that is not covered by the skin is the head and most predominately the mouth.
We must only speak the word of God, not out shortcomings, inabilities or failures but who we are  in Christ and then the Father hears the bleating, smells Christ and know  that we are His.