The old religious system under Eli was a dismal institution. His Sons Hophni and Phineas were completely corrupt. They were stealing the offerings dedicated to the Lord and were involved in serious sexual misconduct. They thought the Lord would not be upset with them.
Samuel in the mean time was sleeping near the Ark of the Covenant . Hidden by God. He was receiving religious instruction from Eli and "growing in stature and in favour with the Lord and men".
A prophet came and told Eli that because of the sins of his sons the lord would purify  the current religious structure and restructure it another  with more sincere people.
The lord said that in the days of Eli "And the Word from the Lord was rare in those days , visions were infrequent" meaning the visions "were not spread abroad"  in other words they had little power and the words did not travel far. 
After a while the Lord started to speak to Samuel and his his words " came to all Israel" in other words they contained power , the rise of a powerful prophetic ministry.
After this Israel went to battle the Philistines and Eli's sons Phineas and Hophni carried the Ark of the Covenant but the Ark was captured and unfortunately Eli's sons died and when Eli heard about the outcome of the battle he died.
The Old system collapsed and god would fulfill his the word of Samuel that judgment would come on Eli's house .
The Lord has been preparing young Samuel's at present to enable them to be brought forth with a powerful prophetic move of God.
The Lord will bring about a move that will enable them to operate under this power anointing.
These young prophets are now currently in many of the established churches and being instructed in the things of God.
As we have seen recently throughout the media that may established priests and ministers in churches have been involved in ungodly actions. Some of these have been corrupted.