Thanks for your prayers as we together labour in the field of souls for Jesus.
Jason from Macua , China was eager for ministry.
Travis an aboriginal street person from Kingaroy enjoyed a time of fellowship and prayer as he recounted his main concern is "keeping out of trouble."
Nick and Gary another couple of street people enjoyed a time of fellowship. I think Gary has a slight case of delusions of grandeur as he recalled his upcoming marriage to his fiance who is a US lady fighter pilot fighting in Syria. Even Nick raised his eyebrows. Both received the Word.
Dean from Warangal, nice young guy , eager to get his hands on a gospel.
Brendon, cool young guy received prayer.
Carlos from South Korea . Received prayer and a gospel.
Vishal from Fiji. Eager to hear the good news.
Taylor , a beautiful young lady was out on the town and much to the complete surprise of her male companion decided to stop and ask Jesus into her life.
Molly , hippy lady stopped and we had a good prayer, she was excited .