Flinders was a serious bikie who took on two opposing bikies in a state penitentiary.
After the fight he was amazed he had no injuries and walked out of the kitchen area. He laughed as he saw a Bible on display on a nearby table . He decided to do something radical and picked it up, flicked through the pages and his eyes rested on the verse John15:18" If the world hates you , you know that it has hated Me before it hated you" . He received Jesus into his heart there and then. Now he is out after spending years inside. He received the prophetic word and the ministry of the Holy Ghost. Please pray down the favour of God on him. He was a specialist in home invasions and believes God will turn this around and use it for the kingdom , somehow.
Benjamin , touched by Jesus.
Wayne , a serious gangster, covered in tatts, receives the Lord.
Roy from NZ .
Jenny a young schoolgirl , receives the prophetic word.
Missal from Nepal , sees Jesus.
Nerang , a middle aged lady receives healing prayer for her ankle and the Word.
Ryan , an upstanding young man hears the good news .
Ebony, a beautiful young lady asks Jesus to be her Lord and receives the prophetic Word.