We were  invited by some friends to a party on Friday night.
Our friends Graham and Sue we have known for  about five years. Graham is the head of Rotary Brisbane so the party was held at his exclusive apartment on the banks of the Brisbane River.
About 50 people were present , the food was all that stuff you would never make, I  think they had caterers, it was pretty flash.
I was speaking to a businessman and mentioned how I had had lunch with my Chinese boss on Tuesday.
I got home that night and the Holy Ghost spoke to me upon entering my apartment and said " Do not call any man your boss. You have one boss and His name is Jesus."
Your prayers moved these ones to accept powerful ministry. Thank you very much.
Will, a young schoolboy.
Spencer, a Thai professional Thai boxer.
Ebony, cool young lady.
Tara and Joshua, young couple.
Trina, purple hair.
Tara, asked the Lord into here heart. I had a word she was about to experience something wonderful and new in her life. She told me she had just found out she was pregnant.
Andrew, used to be a brethren, made a rededication.
Ashton, schoolboy, smart kid.
Sean, a vegan fundamentalist.
Leah, NZ.
Santiago, Columbia.
Ali and Prakesh, India.
Sam, nice guy.
Junior, homeless.
Mitchell , cool guy with girlfriend, gave him the complete Bible.