Had a great talk with Hakeem from India
Lobson from Nepal, received ministry.
Dylan, received a word.
Alvin from Myanmar( Burma) . We had a great chat about my three visits to Burma , last century.
Daniel, an older guy received the Word.
A Indian guy passed me and called me "brother". I ministered to him many years ago.
Sam, a grandfather received ministry in the Word.
John, a young guy , really seeking the Lord.
Abud from Uttarakhand, North India. We chewed the fat about trekking , high in Himalaya
Travis's relations come from Blenheim, NZ. he received the prophetic word that he must visit.
Jack, a cool young guy.
Hendrick from Deutschland.
Aaron, determined to push into Christ and go to church.
Theo, a 30 something.
Ranasaram, 30ish, Nepal.
Tiara, just started at Woolies.
Nathan, goes to NZ every year.
Mark, out with girlfriend.
Steven, enjoyed receiving the Bible.
God bless you with serious miracles.