That's right.
Early this morning  the Lord Jesus spoke to me and said " stop all public ministry..for now" and at lunchtime He said to me to confirm it "That was me"
I did not go out today and have now stopped. 
Maybe its time after 10 years in Fortitude Valley to have well earned rest for a while having personally  , ministered to, given a Gospel and prayed for over 7000 amazing souls from every corner of the earth whom the Lord has touched powerfully.
Over the last few weeks I have had many of the locals in "The valley" come up to me and personally thank me for my years of ministry there, maybe they sensed something .
I feel a huge burden has lifted , and enjoyed going out with Sandra my wife today has virtually given me over to ministry and business, now it will be good for spend more time together…..………for now"
Who knows when the Lord will send me out again, a month, a year . We shall see and I will let you know.
Again, thank you so much for your amazing prayer and encouragement as together we have accomplished great things.
Bye for now.
Please say a prayer for these ones I ministered to this week. 
Kalgu, Chile.
Cory, nice Aussie teenager.
Johny, an older guy.
Mugarli, Indian Muslim.
Louis, asked the Lord into his life, has Christian flatmate.
Jocelyn, Peru.
Peter, older cool guy.
Pedro Colombia.
Paul, older man looked like he had suffered loss.
Francis, Wellington. NZ
Victor, Brazil.
David, Philippines.
Mahesh, wanted prayer for drug addiction.
Shrishnan, Nepal.
Amorish, France.
Feina, Africa.
Phillipe, Chile.