These ones sought ministry, your prayers are coveted for them.
Tobias, a young Jewish guy, embraced his messiah.
John, gangster.
Peter, ex Mauy Thai boxer, received Christ powerfully.
Sue, tattooed face.
Mathew, very interested.
Santos, Spain.
Ray, an older man with arthritic knee.
Grace, nice.
sago, Nepal.
Rebecca, a bit of a handful.
Sarah, a Maori lady just out of a cab.
Gy, Chinese.
Fernandez, Brazil.
Michelle, powerful conversion, drug addict.
Shannon, had a terrible nervous condition, knelt down on the street and asked Jesus for a miracle. he will get it.
Frank, needs setting free.
Patel, Kathmandu.
Ada, NZ.
Lopsang, Tibet.
Chantal, NZ.
Mickey, Italy.
basil, Vanuatu.
Anas, Iraq.
Henry, Makay.
Jess and Josh.
Shane, older guy needs the lord.
Suzie, crying out for Jesus.
Juan, Colombia.
S and S