Rasmussen from Sweden had a powerful encounter with the truth and  gladly received a Bible.(Pictured)
These people whom the Lord touched also this week.Please say a prayer for them, that they will be blessed of God powerfully and continue in Christ.
Karl , a homeless guy sought the Lord.(Pictured)
Naranda , a young lady covered in tatts received ministry. She was with Kym who I prayed for about three months ago. he told me after prayer that all the criminal charges laid against him were dropped and he got a job. Now he is moving to Gladstone for a better one.
Chris , a  young guy whose girlfriend is Dana whom came to the Lord a few months ago. She introduced me to him and said "he will never come to Jesus" . he came powerfully as I commanded him to receive Christ. Dana also received a new Bible.
Jafe , an Indian guy who used to live in our building up till a week ago. he is a Uber delivery guy and we got on well. Nice to minister the Word to him. he received it well.
Butch, came over and received powerful ministry even though his girlfriend was yelling at him.
Ramana, weathered life's storms.
Lois also weathered a few.
Solomon from Papua New guinea, rededicated his life to Christ.
Tasha , was with a gang of wild young people, she stopped and received prayer much to the amazement of her associates.
Sahill, Nepal.
Blake, really cool young guy.
Elvis, Taiwan.
Julian, cool young guy.
Darcy, a bit of a wild teenage girl with her friends out on the town, yet stopped and sought the Lord.
Ethan, a young go getter from NZ.
Ethan, yes that's right two Ethan's in a row. He did wear a shirt covered in pink flamingos.