That's right, just about everyone I gave a tract to wanted to stop for prayer. In fact I think Thursday it was every person, very unusual. Thanks for your support, I feel it powerfully, and so does the Holy Ghost.
Please pray Gods blessing into these ones and that they will seek the Lord who stopped. 
Raus from Mauritius, (photo)received ministry.
Chesco's mum has a Bible in just about every room of their house.
Shorten, young tradie.
Jayden, cool young guy.
Dylan, a bit of a handful.
Patrick, Argentina.
Jess, a young lady that could go either way in life.
Dean, hippie.
Ben, nice young guy.
Sam, extremely grateful.
Aru, India.
Abby, a young girl.
Michael, tatts.
Noah, hip young guy.
Nick, England.
Aje, India.